How It Works

Using Rentific.

A Landlord signs up, creates a rental property and invites their tenants to sign up. When a tenant accepts and signs up a lease is created. Rent payments can then be made online. Landlords are notified when payments are made.
It's simple, quick and effective.
With our VR app, it's even more exciting!

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Tools to make your life easier.

Rentific gives you powerful tools like VR to manage your rent payments, rentals and tenants in an easy to use website and VR app. SMS text and email reminders are included for free. Rentific notifies you when rent payments are made. Renter screening tools are coming soon. Use Rentific to collect rent payments.

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Easy to use and pay.

Rentific lets you pay rent anywhere. Rentific also lets you choose which payment method is most convenient for you. eChecks or occasional credit card payments, the choice is yours. Rentific is $3 per rent payment and is free for Landlords.
Rentific is simply terrific!

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