Really Fast Rent Payments.

From Renters account into yours: 48 to 72 hours.

Rentific offers this service for $5 per rent payment.

So exactly what is this?

When a renter makes a payment, it moves electronically from their account into yours. This takes time, like a paper check usually from 6-8 business days, longer on weekends and holidays. What this payment service does it reduce that time to 48 hours (72 on holidays). Their account into yours in 48 hours. We charge $5 for this that you can add to a rent payment or pay directly. We have to charge $5 to offset processing costs required to speed up payments.

Summary: Its ALOT faster to get your money but it costs $5 per payment.

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Are there any conditions?

We have one condition to using this service. We require that landlords complete one regular payment cycle before we put you on this fast payment plan (pay first months rent with our regular processing time). We do this to prevent fraud and get you settled onto our system.

Summary: You need one regular cycle payment before we can switch you over to this.

Go Ahead, you can stop anytime!

Click "Maintenance" and try it

Renters type requests

Rentific then sends the request to your via email or texts it to a number you specify. The number can be your pager or your maintenance team.