Rentific Landlords

Manage your property online.

Rentific has tools to help you manage your property online. Accept online rent payments, maintenance requests, and soon tenant screening and credit checks.

Rent payments go directly to your bank account.

When tenants pay rent with Rentific, funds go directly into your bank account. You can use Rentific to accept eCheck rent payments for free. High speed processing and Credit Card payments have an extra fee. It takes about 5 minutes to start and your tenant pays the $3 processing fee added to their rent payment. There are NO monthly or annual fees. Our billing model uses this small per-rent-payment fee. You can stop anytime and there no contracts. Try us today!

Free online rent payments

Basic online rent payments are free for landlords (2-4 business days processing time). The $3 processing fee is added to your rent and is paid by your tenant. There are NO monthly or annual fees.

FAST Rent Payments.

Basic rent payments are $3 and will be added to the rent payment collected (e.g. $100 rent +$3 fee = $103). Payments will process between accounts in 2-4 business days. (contact us to learn more).

SMS Text Enabled

Rentific can text your tenants reminders that their payment is upcoming or due. Tenants can also pay rent by text. This service is free with Rentific and works with almost all modern cellular phones.

Late payment fees

Rentific lets you set how long until a rent payment is late. Rentific also lets you determine how much a late fee will be. It's one more way that Rentific meets your needs as a landlord. How long and how much, that's up to you!

Maintenance Requests

You've asked for it. We listened. Rentific now has maintenance requests... and not just some corny email me request. Real text-my-maintenance-request-to-the-maintenance-guy-and-call-me-if-its-above-100-bucks kind of request. Included for free. Check it out today!

1 or 10+ Commercial or Residential OK!

Rentific gives you the ability to manage your rentals and leases. Commercial, Residential, or Vacation is terrific! If you have 1 or more than 10 properties Rentific can help you. You can use Rentific for free to accept rent payments. Try it today! There are no obligations and you can stop anytime. :)

Tenant Screening (Soon!)

We know, we know. You want to be able to screen your tenants and manage your rentals in one clean web application. That day is coming soon!

Try us today!
Bank to Bank Payments

Rentific uses ACH/eCheck funds transfers that are fast (2-4 business days) and low-cost. Due to low demand and high processing fees we are currently not allowing Credit Card payments at this time. We may resume acceptance in the future.

Landlords use us for free!

Mobile Friendly

Get paid on time.

Rentific has more than one way for your tenants to pay you. Online or text, they can use what works best for them. 99.99% of Rentific rent payments are on time.


How It Works

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