Maintenance Requests

Want to set some limits? Now you can.

What's your limit?

We asked Landlords how they manage their maintenance requests and many told us they have a limit that they set with their maintenance teams. Below a dollar number and they fix it. There's no reason to be called for a $2 lightbulb right? We listened and we built this into our requests. You specify your limit and the text sends it.

Try it Now!

Why not text reminders?

With Rentific's maintenance text feature, we can send a text to a phone number that you specify. That can be your cellphone or your maintenance team's. You can change it at any time. We also provide a list of maintenance requests that you can mark as completed.

Go ahead, you can stop anytime!

Click "Maintenance" and try it

Renters type requests

Rentific then sends the request to your via email or texts it to a number you specify. The number can be your pager or your maintenance team.