Rentific Tenants

"I texted my rent payment!"

- Kerry D.

Rentific gives you the ability to pay your rent where you want, when you want. We use ACH/eCheck technology to deliver your rent payment right to your landlords account. We can even do credit card payments if needed.
You can try us out for free. You can stop anytime. :)

Free to try, $3 per rent payment

It's free to register with Rentific and try us out. To make a rent payment, Rentific adds $3 to each payment that you make to cover our processing costs. It's a small price for your time! Try us today!

SMS Rent Payments.

Introducing Rentific SMS Rent payments. You don't need an app to pay your rent, just text two words "pay now". This service is Free with Rentific.

Maintenance Requests

When problems arise you can use our maintenance requests to let your landlord know that something needs to be fixed. It's right there on the Dashboard. Try it today!

Try us today!
Bank to Bank Payments

Rentific uses ACH/eCheck funds transfers that are fast (2-4 business days) and low-cost. Due to low demand and high processing fees we are currently not allowing Credit Card payments at this time. We may resume acceptance in the future.

Of course Rentific is Free!

SMS Rent Payments!

Flip phone friendly. :)

Rentific introduces SMS text rent payments. You don't need an app to pay your rent, just text two words "Pay Now". This service is free with Rentific.


How It Works

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