That's right... Free.

Basic service is free for landlords.

You read that right, Rentific is free for landlords.

It's actually one of the most common questions we're asked. What does "free" mean? We don't charge landlords to use our service. We never have.
What we do to cover our processing costs as of July1, 2016 is add a $3 fee to the rent payment that your renter pays. This allows us to cover the costs our processor gives us for processing the rent payment. We're always looking for ways to reduce our costs and will continue to try to find ways to make what we offer even more so. As our users know, we're small and lean. We keep our costs are low and as such we can continue to give great service for a very very long time. There are NO monthly or annual fees. Our billing model uses this small per-rent-payment fee.

A small $3 fee.

Basic online rent payments are free for landlords (2-4 business days). Timing of the payment can depend on a bank holiday. Holidays and weekends can add some time between payments. Just add a small $3 fee to your renters payment and the magic happens.

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Fast Rent Payments.

Basic rent payments are free for landlords. Funds arrive in your accound FAST (2-4 business days)! Ask us today how you can get paid faster than paper heck with our convenient service!

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SMS Rent Payments!

Flip phone friendly. :)

Rentific introduces SMS text rent payments. You don't need an app to pay your rent, just text two words "Pay Now". This service is free with Rentific.


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