SMS on Rentific

Fully integrated: SMS text.

"Pay rent now"

Renters can pay their rent by SMS text. Each month an SMS text is sent out to their cellphone number if they choose. This text is sent to them about 5 days before their rent is due and it tells them their rent payment is due. They can text back the words "pay rent now" and Rentific will pay their rent electronically.

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We don't stop with payment. We know SMS text reminders are powerful technology. Rentific has integrated texting technology with landlord functions as well. Maintenance requests are texted to a cellular number for either a landlord or their maintenance team to address.

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SMS Rent Payments!

Flip phone friendly. :)

Rentific introduces SMS text rent payments. You don't need an app to pay your rent, just text two words "Pay Now". This service is free with Rentific.


How It Works

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