VR: What Do I Need to Use this App?
You will need the Rentific VR app, a smart phone with a gyro such as an iPhone 6 or 7 or Android device, and a cardboard VR viewer.
VR: How do I "click" on links?
Look at them for 5 seconds. The round blue circle will have a yellow or gold circle surround it when it clicks.
What is the purpose of this app?
We developed this virutal reality property manager because we have an interest in the technology. We have no idea if the market is even interested in a product like this. This is a test to see what kind of demand exists for this technology and to see what users might want to do with it.
Can this run on the Oculus Rift?
Of course! We can easily make this available. If there enough people that want it.. we'll provide it. The advantage of the Oculus is the VR experience is more compelling, the rub is less users have made the investment for that experience.. so far.
Why did you make it only run on smart phones?
When we built this technology, we wanted to be able to reach ALOT of people. Not everyone has a dedicated Virtual Reality system in their home, but everyone (well MANY people) have a smartphone with a gyro in it.
VR: "ERROR: Change in location, Press LOGIN again"
The app detected that you changed location and has made a note of it. Press the login button again and it should run for you.
VR: "ERROR: Cannot connect to vrrentific.com"
The app can't connect with the internet to the server. Connect to the internet and try again.
VR: The screen looks like this:   How do I see it in full?
We have seen this with some iPhone and Android devices. With the device in the landscape orientation [sideways], press the HOME button and then press the VR app icon again. This should allow you to see all of the screen in VR. You may have to quit the application and restart it in landscape orientation. It's a peculiarity with the device accelerometer.
VR: The app is telling me to check my email as my IP address has changed. Do I check my email on my phone?
Yes. Please check your email on your phone and click the link there. It will tell us the device you're trying to use is your phone with the VR app loaded on it.
VR: Why does the app always tell me that my IP address has changed?
With phones your IP address may be shifting as you move around to different locations. This means that our system "thinks" you're a different user. When you click the link in the email we send you to your registration email address, we verify it is you. We know.. it cna be a pain but it's to maintain your security
VR: How do I log out?
Look down at your feet. The logout link is there.
VR: Can this be applied to any environment?
This technology is unlimited. We can apply any environment to it, we can port it to other systems. If you have a 3D environment that you would like to see this work with, please let us know!
VR: I have an idea how this can be used in our business..
Please call or email us! We're always interested in working with other companies. Let's see how this can work for you!
I have an idea that you guys should try...
Please call or email us! We'll see what we can do to make it happen!
I want to license this.. or..
Please call or email us!
Still Can't Find an Answer?
Please feel free to Email Us! at VR at rentific dot com. (click here to email)
The VR App still doesn't work on my phone!
Check that your phone has an internal accelerometer. We have tested it even with some earlier versions of Android and it works up to the VR environment, after which it will stall because there isn't an accelerometer in the phone. If you download the app and you can't even login, you can email us and we'll check on the compatability. (Click here to email us)
Virtual Furniture: I can't see the virtual furniture!
1) Make sure that you have printed out the target. (Print it here) 2) Make sure you have allowed the camera on your tablet to use the App 3) Get closer to the target 4) Make sure the target is printed completely and nothing is cropped or chopped or blocking it. Even a finger can confuse things!
Virtual Furniture: How do I learn more about the furnishings?
When you touch the furniture or the art paintings, the program will redirect you to the furniture makers or artists website. Just touch the image on the screen
Virtual Furniture: Can I walk around the room?
You can walk around the room and see the furniture from a different view, just keep the target in the visible in the bottom of your tablet screen.
Virtual Furniture: how do I adjust the furniture in the room?
Move the target on the floor, turn it around, etc. Adjust it as needed to get the furniture where you want it.
Virtual Furniture: my screen is black in the app!
Make sure you have allowed the camera on your tablet to use the App after you select a room size.
Virtual Furniture: why is the furniture "jittery"?
The furniture is jittery because the sensors in your tablet or phone are so sensitive. There isn't a way to slow this down or smoothen it out yet.. as soon as we figure out a way we'll build it.
Virtual Furniture: Can I use any different furniture with this?
We have had interest from furniture manufacturers. We'll put updates that add more in a short amount of time. We know.. we know.. variety is a good thing!
Virtual Furniture: My room format isn't shown. What can I do?
We've built and spaced the furniture to fit *most* rooms. We're figuring out ways to custom put furniture into the room to your preferences. For now, you can adjust the target on the floor and adjust the room size to "best" fit it into your room.
Virtual Furniture: I see only a white screen when I click on the room..
This is because you haven't given the App permission to use your camera. Go to settings > Click on RentificVF > Move the switch to "on" and allow the App to use your camera.

VR: Virtual Reality

To use this you will need a compatible smart phone, download the Rentific VR app, and a google cardboard.