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Rentific VR Basics

Simple 3D icons to know and use

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This is the Reticle.
Wherever you look this will be in your sight. Put this over things in VR for 7 seconds and it "clicks" the mouse.

The Close Button.
Click on this button by looking at it with the Reticle. It will close windows and open objects.

The Quit Button.
Look down at your feet. Put the Reticle on this for 7 seconds to Quit the app.

The Portal Icon.
Click on this area to go to and from other places in the app. A mountaintop and a space scene are available in the demo.

Each house in the app represents one of your rental properties. Click on ths house with the Reticle and information about the rental is shown.

Work Anywhere

We mean it. Anywhere.

The advantage of Virtual Reality is there are no limits. If you want to be on the top of a mountain, or in an asteroid field, that can happen. Actually, if you'd like to do either, just download the app and use it. Today.

I want to touch

Interacting with VR

You've seen the movies and you want to reach out and touch your rental property in Virtual Reality. We want this too, and we have the code that works with our VR environment. The rub is, it only works with higher end Oculus Rift and similar systems. There is no hardware yet that is inexpensive, widely available and works reliably with the cardboard and daydream systems. As soon as there is, we will incorporate it.


Free = Demo Version

The free version of this VR app is a slightly incomplete demo version. Landlords can check the status of rent payments, rental property renters, etc. The full version has VR Renter applications, Virtual Property inspections, and more. All in VR. We'll release this in the near future if there is sufficient demand for VR technology. But that's not all we have up our sleeve...

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