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Virtual Furniture magically appears with an iPad or Android Tablet! (ARkit version soon)


1) Print it out.

The target tells the app where to center the furniture in the room. Print it out on an 8x11 inch piece of paper. 0.5 inch margins please.

Click Here to Print it


2) Place in center of room.

Place the target you've printed in the center of the room on the floor. The target must be visible from everywhere in the room. Nothing should block the visibility of the target. You can move it or rotate it to adjust it if needed.


3) View it in the app.

When you have placed the target in the center of the room, select the size of the room and the type of room you are viewing. Then view the target by the app in the room. Walk around the room with the target in the bottom of the screen and see furniture in the room (Get the furnishings).

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They never look at it. With the RentificVF App they see it in the room!

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