Virtual Furniture 2

The ultimate interior design tool.

We rethought and re-engineered our Virtual Furniture app with the latest ARkit software. We also added in rugs, paintings, paver stones, and individual furniture. It's such a leap forward we decided to release it as a new App.

Designed for the showroom, works in your back pocket.

We recognized the power that this technology offers retailing. When you want to show a client something we know that you're not going to have them squint at your iPhone. So, we modified the interface so an iPad would work seamlessly and you could work with a client in harmony!

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Furnished Room Scenes

If you are showing a home that has empty rooms, use one of our premade scenes to show what each room could look like with furniture in it. It's a fast staging solution.

Build-a-room Scenes

Using individual furniture pieces, you can add them to a room to build the room scene you want. Move, turn and arrange. Whatever your imagination can assemble.

Pavers, Countertops, Flooring

Ever wonder what that countertop might look like in marble? Now you can see it. Want to view different Paver stones for the backyard? Just select and place them down to see. You can also take a picture of a flooring, countertop, paver or whatever.. and see what it will look like in your home.

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What would that rug look like from any angle in the room? Now you can see. We've included several rugs in different shapes and colors for you to experiment with in your room.

In Your Pocket.

With the Virtual Furniture 2 App you can take a picture of any flooring, countertop, or material and see what it will look like in your home.


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Business Development

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